Design Your Own Family Tree – 5 Easy Tips for Starting Right

A family tree provides you with an excellent visual of your family and it can be utilized in many ways. If you want to design your own family tree, the act of it alone will give you a sense of ancestral history and belonging.

You could always hire a reputed genealogist for the job. But creating and sharing your family tree by yourself is tons of fun as you learn so many new things about your family. Surprises and sometimes shocks are to be expected as you travel back through generations of ancestry.

Here are a few tips on how to begin designing your family tree:

1. Plan your family tree to the very last detail. What are your plans for it? Do you want to print it and frame it as a display in your home? Or are you planning to share it electronically?

2. What details do you what to display for each member? Some people just mention names; some include dates of birth and death, names, and relations even.

3. Focus on the level of complexity of your family tree. Each detail you acquire means research and time spent hunting down that same detail for every single member of the tree.

4. Perform your research and do your homework. Jot down numbers of family members you need to contact for valuable information. Be ready with the queries you need to ask.

5. Know the viewers of your family tree. An exhaustive family tree means many relations and revelations that not all in your extended family may be aware of, so choose carefully as to who views your tree, or what content you’ll put in it.